Martijn Benders

Martijn Benders

Martijn Benders is dichter, schrijver en filosoof. Hij publiceerde twaalf boeken, veelal dichtbundels, de laatste bij De Kaneelfabriek. Hij is hoofdredacteur van De Honingzaag, een blad over literatuur en filosofie.
Open Letter to Elon Musk: discover the chip of poetry

Dear Mr Musk,

For many years I have been a silent fan of your work, even though I had to trudge knee-deep through horrid waves of vile criticism. ‘If that’s a genius, Einstein was a salesman!’ my best friend used to say, which always left me speechless, even flabbergasted – who is he to judge the accomplishments of a man who truly follows his boyhood dreams? Flying to mars. Making rockets. Putting chips in everyones heads. I am afraid all these cynics just have no clue about the effening light of the neverending story of whippersnapper dreams.

Then the truth struck me as I watched this video:

‘to help secure humanity’s future as a civilization relative to AI’

What I understood is you have the same mission I’ve been having my entire life. The same lucid dream. Secure the civilisation of humans by turning them into enhanced robots. This might sound strange to you, but I have personally been doing that exact same thing. I have been inserting the chip of poetry into human heads for as long as I can remember, to secure their lives. And just like you I have been suffering from the iniquitous demons of ignorant scepticism. ‘Who are you to try turn me into a Poetron’ ‘You just want to control my book buying habits’ – I’m pretty sure all of these sound familiar to you.

Now, you are probably sceptic about my chip of poetry, which is just a normal (flawed) human reaction. But please, consult your chip. It is very real and I dare say much, much more effective than whatever you guys are building there at Neurolink

Why, you wonder? Well, because language is much more than just a symbolical representation. Language is alive, and it is a dimensional gate to places even your childhood dreams could not imagine. Language intertwines with the human brain in ways that go beyond just linking up.

Now, as a person seriously interested in the dynamics of fusion, I ask you: can you afford to ignore this portal? My books are called ‘magical works’, even by the most stern Dutch literary critics.

I would like to introduce you to the true Logos of the brain, by becoming symbiotic with your project. I will demonstrate all of these things to you in person, and our dreams will lighten up the sky and dev null all cynics. Are you up for it? Contact me at m.benders(at)

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