SHHHHHHROOM: A complete guide to the history of magical mushrooms and their practical use.


If you possess the virtue of patience, may I suggest the tome entitled “SHHHHHHROOM” as a medicinal guide to the wondrous world of mushrooms? Through purely natural means, this literary offering can instruct you in the art of remedying any disease or mental affliction by means of these extraordinary fungi.

The compendium encompasses a comprehensive history of mushrooms, detailing their long-standing role in humanity’s evolution. Regrettably, over the past millennium, under the pernicious influence of malevolent forces, mankind has been manipulated away mushrooms.
The volume exposes this sinister spell and aims to return these fungi to their rightful place as medicinal aids.

Furthermore, the book proposes that one can reclaim their corporeal form from parasitic fungi and asserts that depression is a result of a vicious cycle of
low-energy generation, rather than a clinical disease.

Drawing upon cutting-edge scientific research, this publication imparts a wealth of unique insights and techniques for improving one’s life that are unparalleled in any other written work.

The tome is replete with scientific knowledge, poetry, music, and stunning photographs and artworka, rendering it not only one of the most informative, but also one of the most
aesthetically pleasing and insightful books on the subject of mushrooms available to mushroom lovers.

This is a pre-order. Order the book now and receieve a signed copy when it appears in September 2023



This is a pre-order, whoever orders the book now has the guarantee of being the first to receive a signed copy of the book when it comes out in 2023. It promises to be the finest mushroom book ever written, so pre-order your copy now and also receive 10% off the final price!